Black on White.jpf

Patterns in Nature

I use repeated geometric forms to describe what cannot be seen without magnification's assistance. In my mind’s eye, I imagine a subatomic world in which mankind has no influence. This world pre-dates us and will be here when we are gone.


I find the Higgs-Bosun Field theory that everything is connected to resonate with my work. There is no such thing as empty space.


Simultaneously I invite the viewer to take a meditative pace when experiencing my work. I do not dictate what they will find there and how it relates to their own lives. The artwork exists through the personal interpretation of the viewer.


Physically I layer the forms to create space. I want to give a place for the viewer to mentally walk around and explore. I use oil paint, often hand-made from pigment, and layer it with resin.


People often say they want to walk or swim into my paintings. This is most gratifying.