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These are "Emotional Support Sculptures" made during The Covid Pandemic and each has a title from a Motown song. I grew up in Detroit and heard this music as it came out on the radio in the back of my mom"s VW Bug as a child in the 1970s. There is something childlike in the imperfections I've let remain in these sculptures.


They are meant to be enjoyed in small spaces, amongst other things we collect over the years, hence their non-monumentality. No Richard Serra here.

I like to think of them as being personal talismans or beings that wish the best for you which you can talk to, like a plant or a pet. They don't need blessings or ceremony to become imbued with spirit. The owner decides what role the sculpture will take in their life, they can take advantage of the therapeutic aspects or not. The sculpture is at your service.  An excellent choice for the people in your life who are allergic to pet hair.

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