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A very recent video made this year by my Bennington College Intern


A solo exhibition of paintings

Reverie Arts

357 Tehama Street, suite 1

San Francisco, CA 94103


A solo exhibition of paintings

Winston Wachter Fine Art

New York, NY


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“....even when it is not visible.. invisible to the eye... the energies, the breath and the skin are always in contact with the worlds around you... as the worlds within you are always in contact ... in a relationship with the skin and the organs and the tissues, fluid or other .... breath..... i love to think into these relationships and connections... their edges and contacts... what is between ... where they become one.... how they rest next to each other... or become a part of each other...” Julie Spodek

“....As everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded forever” Herman Melville, Moby Dick